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LGBT Reiseziel Barcelona mit rainbowtravel


Barcelona is an open, cosmopolitan city with an interesting mix of cultural sights and a great range of leisure activities.

The centre of the LGBTQ+ community is the Eixample district - also affectionately known as Gaixample, where an enormous range of hotels, bars, restaurants, saunas and shops offer a warm welcome to LGBTQ+ travellers from all over the world.



5 facts about Barcelona


LGBT neighbourhood of Eixample (Gaixample):

The Eixample district, often referred to as the ‘Gaixample’, is the centre of the LGBT scene in Barcelona. It is home to a variety of bars, clubs, restaurants and shops that cater specifically to the LGBT community. It is a lively and welcoming neighbourhood known for its open and inclusive atmosphere.


Pride Barcelona:

The annual Pride event in Barcelona is one of the biggest LGBT events in Spain. It usually takes place in June and includes a parade, parties, concerts and cultural events. Pride Barcelona attracts people from all over the world and celebrates the diversity and equality of the LGBT community.



Barcelona has several beaches that are particularly popular with the LGBT community. Mar Bella beach is known for its liberal atmosphere and nudist area, while the nearby Bogatell beach also attracts many LGBT visitors. These beaches are known for their relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.



The nightlife in Barcelona is diverse and lively, with many clubs and bars that cater specifically to the LGBT community. Popular venues include the ‘Arena’, a club with several floors offering different styles of music, and the ‘Metro Disco’, a well-known club in the Gaixample. The monthly ‘Churros con Chocolate’ parties are also popular with locals and tourists alike.


Cultural events:

Barcelona has an active LGBT community with numerous cultural events and organisations. The annual LGBT film festival ‘Mostra FIRE!!!’ shows films and documentaries with LGBT themes. There are also organisations such as ‘Casal Lambda’, which campaign for the rights and support of the LGBT community and offer various activities and services.


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