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LGBT Reiseziel Berlin mit rainbowtravel


Berlin is the gay capital of Germany and arguably the QUEER capital of Europe. Gay Berliners love to party. There is always something for everyone. 

A wide variety of clubs and bars can be found in one of the liveliest trendy neighbourhoods. Everyone will find something to suit their taste. Berlin is also known as a hub of gay culture, thanks in part to Marlene Dietrich. At the same time, Berlin is known as the strangest city in the world when it comes to culture. Come and see for yourself.



5 facts about Berlin


Gay Museum:

The Gay Museum in Berlin is one of the world's largest and most important archives and museums dedicated to the history and culture of the LGBT community. It offers regularly changing exhibitions, events and an extensive archive documenting the diversity and history of the LGBT movement.


Christopher Street Day (CSD) Berlin:

Christopher Street Day in Berlin is one of the largest Pride events in Europe and attracts hundreds of thousands of participants every year. The CSD usually takes place in July and includes a large parade through the city demonstrating in favour of equality and human rights. The event traditionally ends with a large closing rally and party.


LGBT neighbourhood Schöneberg:

The Schöneberg district is the historic centre of the LGBT scene in Berlin. It is home to numerous bars, clubs, cafés and shops catering to the LGBT community. Motzstraße and Fuggerstraße are particularly well known for their diverse nightlife and welcoming atmosphere.


Berghain and KitKatClub:

Berlin is famous for its legendary nightlife, and clubs such as Berghain and KitKatClub are particularly popular with the LGBT community. Berghain is known for its exuberant parties and cosmopolitan atmosphere, while KitKatClub is appreciated for its hedonistic parties and inclusive attitude. Both clubs symbolise Berlin's tolerant and party-loving club scene.


LGBT events and festivals:

In addition to the CSD, Berlin offers a variety of LGBT events and festivals throughout the year. These include the Lesbian-Gay City Festival, which takes place in July in the Schöneberg neighbourhood and is considered the largest street festival of its kind in Europe. Also important is the XPOSED International Queer Film Festival, which takes place every year in May and shows queer films from all over the world.


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