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LGBT Reiseziel Graz mit rainbowtravel


The capital of Styria has Austria's second largest LGBTQ+ community. One event in particular that the people of Graz and many visitors look forward to every year is the Tuntenball. 

This colourful hustle and bustle usually takes place in Graz at the beginning of the Styrian semester break. But the city also has a lot to offer culturally all year round. Graz is home to many well-known Austrian drag queens and kings.



5 facts about Graz


queer-friendly city:

Graz is considered one of the most queer-friendly cities in Austria. The city is known for its open and tolerant atmosphere, making it a popular destination for LGBT travelers. There are many initiatives and events that support and celebrate the LGBT community.


Rainbow Parade Graz:

Graz, also known as "Graz Pride", is an annual highlight for the LGBT community. This parade promotes the visibility and acceptance of LGBT people and attracts many participants and spectators every year. The parade offers a colorful mix of music, dance and political messages.


LGBT-friendly accommodation:

 There are numerous LGBT-friendly hotels and accommodations in Graz. Many hotels in the city have opened up to the LGBT community and offer special deals and packages for LGBT travelers. These accommodations attach great importance to an inclusive and respectful environment.


Cultural events and restaurants:

Graz offers a variety of cultural events and venues that are specifically geared towards the LGBT community. These include queer film festivals, theater performances and exhibitions. There are also numerous bars and clubs that serve as meeting places for the community, such as the "PCC - Parkhouse Club Café" and the "Mississippi Queen".


Support and advice:

Graz has several organisations and advice centres that are committed to the rights and well-being of the LGBT community. Organisations such as the ‘Rosalila PantherInnen’ offer support, advice and events for LGBT people. These organisations are important points of contact for locals and visitors alike and help to create a safe and supportive environment.

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