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LGBT Reiseziel Guadeloupe mit rainbowtravel


Guadeloupe is an archipelago of different islands that invite you to stay in paradise. As a French overseas department, the LGBTQ+ community has the same rights as in France.

As a result, there are also community-friendly bars, hotels and beaches on the island. The LGBTQs on the island still keep their distance. If you want to experience Guadeloupe in all its community-friendliness, the best time to travel is probably during carnival season. What you need to know: There are no LGBTQ+ only nightlife locations or saunas on the island. However, social networks and the openness of the locals make private parties possible. We have a great partner accommodation. The Habitation Samana Beauséjour is definitely a good address and Didier and Etienne are happy to welcome you to their little paradise.



5 facts about Guadeloupe


Legal situation:

In Guadeloupe, as a French overseas territory, the same laws apply as in France. This means that same-sex marriages and partnerships are legal and discrimination based on sexual orientation is prohibited by law. This creates a legal basis for LGBT travelers to feel safer.


Queer-friendly beaches:

Guadeloupe has some beaches that are particularly popular with the LGBT community. Bois Jolan Beach and Grande Anse Beach on the island of Basse-Terre are well-known meeting places for LGBT people. These beaches are not officially designated as LGBT beaches, but have a tolerant and open atmosphere.


Cultural sensitivity:

While the legal environment is favorable, social acceptance in Guadeloupe can vary. The island has a mixed attitude toward LGBT issues, and it is important to maintain cultural sensitivity. Public displays of affection may be considered inappropriate in some areas, so LGBT travelers should be cautious and respectful.


Support organizations:

There are several local organizations dedicated to the rights and support of the LGBT community in Guadeloupe. These groups provide support and resources for LGBT people and can also provide helpful information and contacts for travelers.


LGBT-friendly accommodation and activities:

There are several LGBT-friendly hotels and guest houses in Guadeloupe that offer travelers a safe and welcoming environment. Many of these accommodations are listed on international booking platforms and have received positive reviews from LGBT guests. There are also various activities and excursions that may be of interest to LGBT travelers, such as boat tours, diving and hiking in the national parks.

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