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LGBT Reiseziel Hamburg mit rainbowtravel


Hamburg is also known as the “Gateway to the World”. The famous port city of Hamburg is well known to many, as are the many musicals and shows.

Delve deeper into the city of Hamburg and visit spectacular shows in the notorious Hamburg district “St. Pauli” and enjoy the great gay stages.



5 facts about Hamburg


Diverse LGBT scene:

Hamburg is known for its lively and diverse LGBT scene. The St. Georg district in particular is a center of the LGBT community with numerous bars, cafés, clubs and cultural institutions that are specifically aimed at LGBT people. The Schanzenviertel and the Reeperbahn are also known for their cosmopolitan and colorful atmosphere.


Christopher Street Day (CSD):

Christopher Street Day (CSD) in Hamburg is one of the largest Pride events in Germany. Every year in August, thousands of people march through the streets to demonstrate and celebrate the rights of the LGBT community. The CSD includes a parade and a street festival with music, speeches and information stands.


LGBT-friendly accommodations:

Hamburg offers a wide range of LGBT-friendly accommodation. Many hotels and guesthouses in the city are prepared to welcome LGBT guests and offer an open and respectful environment. Some accommodations, such as the ‘Hotel Village’ in St. Georg, are particularly well-known and popular within the community.


Cultural events and facilities:

Hamburg offers numerous cultural events and facilities that are of interest to the LGBT community. The Hamburg Film Festival regularly shows queer films, and there are special events such as the ‘International Queer Film Festival’. There are also institutions such as the ‘Lesbisch-Schwulen Kulturhaus’, which offers a variety of events and programmes for the community.


Support organizations:

 There are many organisations in Hamburg that campaign for the rights and support of the LGBT community. Organisations such as Hein & Fiete offer counselling and health services for gay men, while the ‘Interventionelle Gruppe gegen häusliche Gewalt und Stalking (IGS)’ provides protection and support for LGBT people in difficult life situations. These organisations contribute to a safe and supportive environment in the city.


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